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  • cich·lid : Any of various tropical and subtropical freshwater fishes of the family Cichlidae, many of which are popular as aquarium fish
  • id·i·ot : A foolish or stupid person
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Aquarium Lab

Posted by cichlidiot on January 10, 2007

In keeping with my resolution to regularly monitor the water parameters of my various tanks, I’ve been looking around for some free aquarium management software.  While it isn’t free, the kind folks at SeaApple Software are offering a 30-day trial version of Aquarium Lab, a “complete aquarium tracking software package” that can be downloaded here.  At first glance, it looks like it’s geared towards saltwater aquariums.  Nevertheless, I’ll be giving Aquarium Lab a spin in the next few days, and hopefully have a short write-up on it sometime this weekend.


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