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Sad State of Affairs

Posted by cichlidiot on December 29, 2006

On the way home from work today, I stopped by the SM Megamall branch of Bio Research, the Philippines’ largest chain of pet shops, for some fish food. As I was waiting in line, I noticed one of the staff packing up six juvenile Aequidens rivulatus in one bag for some poor unsuspecting customer. After politely telling him that I didn’t think that this was acceptable, he retorted that the fish were just skittish because they were stressed from being bagged.

I can’t help but wonder why the management team of Bio Research, which has such a dominating position in the industry, doesn’t see the merits of properly training and educating employees on topics such as proper fish care, at the very least. I would think that these people understand the basic principles of economics and business, and how the company stands to gain a lot more with a complement of knowledgeable staff, as compared to the status quo. Just take the case of the lady that purchased the six juvenile Aequidens rivulatus. There is a reason why this fish is called the Green Terror, after all, and I’m sure that at least one of them will die before 2007 is over, simply because the lady didn’t seem to know what she was getting herself into by buying this particular cichlid. Furthermore, there is a strong likelihood that this lady’s aquarium will see more deaths since she did not purchase an aquarium, meaning she probably already has an established tank with some community fish in it. In the short-term, Bio Research made a sale of P600, or the equivalent of $12. Now, if the unsuspecting lady who bought these fish gives up on fishkeeping as a hobby due to frustration over the death of her fish, then Bio Research has just lost another potential “regular” who could have easily brought in around P500 to P1,000 in revenues annually. Even if she doesn’t abandon fishkeeping altogether, chances are, her dissatisfaction with Bio Research will probably make her shop somewhere else.

Among the hobbyists I know, only a few have decidedly good experiences with Bio Research. I can’t imagine just how much potential revenue the management of Bio Research is giving up by neglecting to properly train the company’s employees. Considering that it is in their best interest to promote fishkeeping as a hobby, it’s a pity that stuff like this has to happen. Hopefully, they figure things out sooner than later.


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